Tuesday, 20 March 2012

daily cookie... The Blog!

Alrighty... So I've been asked by a couple blogs to do some guest posting. Awesome! "We just need the link to your blog!" they say... And then I rather embarrassingly admit that I don't have one... Yeah! I know right?! I mean I love to blab! Why don't I have a blog for crying out loud? And here's the simple, pathetic answer... I'm too freaking lazy for a blog!

I have to correct something... I do have blogs... In actual fact I am a serial blog starter. I get all excited and puffed up with opinions, I even picture the way I want my blog to look! When it comes down to it though I rarely get past the "name your blog" stage... Once in a while I write a post or two... And then promptly get bored. So I do have little dead blogs all over the place...
This one... This one is different though! Because I have a ready made audience of awesome cookie people who actually give a crap about what I have to say... Cookie or un-cookie related :)
So here we go folks... daily cookie... The Blog!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Share some cookie baking tips- for us.. non cookie baking people! hahah! I can't even get my basic sugar dough cookie right!

    1. Hi Janet! That's the plan... Tips and tricks galore! What's going wrong with you basic dough? Want to send me the recipe and I can help you out?